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In this post we are discussed about the stranger things web series netflix, release date, director name, IMDB rating, stranger things number of episodes and other extra information which you will not know or exited to know. Also we discussed about the upcoming 4th season of the stranger things. Also discussed some basic information of this season and release date of upcoming season.

The stranger things is the science fiction horror mystery-thriller season which is started by the duffer brothers. And this series was release on the Netflix. The duffer brother are serve as a showrunners and also another executive producer Dan Cohen and Shawn Levy. The duffer brothers developed this series with science and horror and some times also thriller in this series.

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  • The Below Are Some Basic Information For Stranger Things Web Series Netflix :

Stranger things netflix genre : Science fiction Horror , Mystery-Thrilier

Stranger things director name : Duffer Brothers

Stranger things total seasons : 3

Stranger Things netflix series total episodes : 25

Stranger things 1 release date : July 15, 2016

Stranger Things Web Series Netflix Season1:

The first season of the stranger things was officially released on the Netflix platform. The first season started in November, 1983. In this time he was researchers at hawkins laboratory open rift on the up-side down. A monster was escaped and abducts which boy name is  a teenage girl called Barbara and boy named Will Byers. Jim hopper wii find that boys which name is will. At that same time psychokinetic girl escaped from the laboratory.

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Stranger Things Season1 Trailer :

Stranger things season 1 number of episode is 8 and stranger things season 1 release date is July 15, 2016. Stranger things season 1 imdb rating 8.7/10. You can also download Stranger Things netflix series on Netflix.

Stranger Things Web Series Netflix Season2 :

The second season is also officially released on the Netflix platform. In second part will byers find himself and a year after his he disappear as a large tentacled figure called the Mind Flayer soon terrorizes the citizens of Hawkins, drawing back Joyce and Hopper along with Mike’s sister Nancy, Will’s brother Jonathan, and Nancy’s boyfriend Steve, as well as Will’s close friends; Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. 

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Stranger Things2 Trailer :

Stranger things season 2 total episodes is 9 episodes and stranger things season 2 release date is October 27, 2017. Stranger things 2 imdb ratings is  8.3/10. Stranger things season 2 netflix was very successful season.

Stranger Things Web Series Netflix Season3 :

Stranger Things Web Series Netflix Season3 is released on the Netflix. In season3 In the summer of 1985 in Hawkins, the newly opened Starcourt Mall has become the focal point of the town, driving other stores out of business. Joyce notices something strange going on with her magnets and decides to investigate. Hawkins chief of police, Jim Hopper, is conflicted over Eleven and Mike’s budding relationship, while Joyce considers moving out of Hawkins for better prospects, leaving the state of the children’s friendships and her own relationship with Hopper in the air.

Stranger Things 3 Netflix Trailer :

Stranger things season 3 no of episodes is 8 episodes. And stranger things season 3 release date is July 4, 2019. Stranger things series 3 imdb rating is 8.8/10. Stranger things netflix season 3 also watchable and enjoy it.

Now the upcoming season is season4 for stranger things. The fourth season is created by also duffer brothers with Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen. And in season4 there are total 9 episodes. The production of season 4 was stopped due to corona pandemic. But season4 officially very soon released on Netflix. The cast of the stranger things which made this season very interesting therefore the name of the character is Winona Ryder, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink, Charlie Heaton, Maya Hawke, Cara Buono, Jamie Campbell Bower, Joseph Quinn. Stranger things netflix season 4 release date is announced coming soon. For know about the upcoming best netflix shows…


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