PUBG Update in India


When pubg updates in india, it comes with new weapons and enjoyable gameplay. You will pubg play online with your friends and worlds top players when pubg latest update app launch in india. Pubg launch date in india is not confirmed yet. Many people prediction that pubg new update date or pubg app launch on christmas. So, wait for launc tencent gaming buddy pubg and for pubg play online with your friends. For pubg latest update news click here.

PUBG Latest Update Trailer :

New Features of PUBG Latest Update 9.2 ?

Pubg mobile update season 9 is very enjoyable. Huge number of people download tencent gaming buddy pubg for enjoy these new features. Now, pubg play online 9.2 version is launched. There are a lot of features comes in pubg app 2020.

These features are available in pubg updates 9.2 version :

1 . New Vehicle: The Dirt Bike is now available in play store pubg game app. This bike is a single seater and available in all pubg tencent maps. Speed of dirt bike is 130 km/h, so best for escape and loot fast than others in player unknown battle grounds game.

2 . Game Control : Pubg mobile online play game is very easy and best in this version. There are a number of settings and control change in this version. Now, you can adjust more settings in online pubg game.

3 . Weapons Damage : The damage rate of pubg gameplay online play is high. It best for kill enemy fast and for score big in play store pubg. For learn new tricks.

4 . Weapon Balance : The balance of pubg online game weapon are best. There are a lot of player unknown battle grounds game weapon adjust and move when players fire but now the ratio of this adjustment is low and you can focus more on your aim.

5 . New Features : Now you can pubg game online play in new desined maps. The features and graphics are also improved in tencent games pubg latest version. So, pabji game download play tencent games pubg with your friends and enjoy.

You can download pubg apk very soon in india. Many people said that it comes in christmus may be it’s right. Pubg launch date in india is not confirmed but pubg apk available for indians is final. People pubg mobile download in coming time. For now enjoy Free fire game instade of pubg mobile.


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