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What is PUBG ( PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ) ?

PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game made by South Korean company in 2017 played by around 1 Billion people in the world . In this game upto 100 player fights in one battle ground , Last alive player or team is a winner of PUBG ( Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ). It is very popular game because of different maps . Players can choose to enter the match solo , due , or with a small team upto four people.

Four different types of PUBG mobile maps:

1 ) Erangel map PUBG
2 ) Miramar map in PUBG
3 ) Sanhok map PUBG
4 ) Vikendi map PUBG mobile

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1 ) Erangel map PUBG :

Erangel map in real is a fictional Russian island located in the Black sea . Erangel meaning was a name of the USA family in 1920 . Now , erangel map in real used in PUBG mobile . It is a very popular and lot of players use this map ( for best pubg map loot pochinki is best ) in pubg . Erangel map hd is also available , you can download erangel map hd in your mobile by using pubg mobile app. Many users erangel map hd 4k download and enjoy pubg more in pc , mobile users also erangel map hd 4k download in their high technical mobile . Erangel map study videos and erangel map study articles are available in the internet . Erangel 2.0 pubg mobile released in china , erangel 2.0 pubg mobile will bring with it new textured buildings and better game elements.

Erangel map hd image :

Erangel pubg wallpaper :

Erangel pubg wallpaper

2 ) Miramar map in pubg :

Miramar map in real life is located in the USA . Miramar map in pubg is same like miramar map in real life , it includes residential areas , miramar beach and commercial and light industrial districts . Miramar map size is 8 x 8 km , and for download miramar map size is around 300 MB . Miramar map in pubg cut miramar beach area , they will planning to add this feature in miramar 2.0 . I expeted that miramar 2.0 will comes with extra and good features and with miramar beach , I also think that miramar beach can add more fun or it will become miramar best loot place and also best for miramar map car spawns ( At present , Los Leones is best places in miramar map car spawns and for miramar best loots ) . Miramar map pubg mobile is not used as erangel map so , they wiil launch new miramar map soon with miramar beach . Pubg miramar map file download and miramar map download is now easy in miramar map pubg mobile . Miramar map in pubg is best for survive because miramar map in pubg is very long.

PUBG miramar map hd image :

PUBG miramar map hd image

3 ) Sanhok map PUBG :

Sanhok is a combination of words in Thai and Filipino sanhok meaning is ‘fun’ and ‘chicken’ . Sanhok map size is 4 x 4 km and for download sanhok map size is around 150 MB . Sanhok map in real life is influenced by islands around Thailand and Pjillippines . Sanhok map pubg mobile is best for sanhok adventure mode ( four types weather available : Clear , Sunrise , Rain , Fog ) and sanhok all guns are best for kill enemy ( QBU – DMR , AKM , M416 , M16A4 , etc ) . Sanhok best loot place is bootcamp . Sanhok map download in your mobile ( sanhok map pubg mobile ) and , sanhok pubg maps for pc , sanhok map pubg ,sanhok map hd download , sanhok map hd 4k and you can also pubg sanhok map update in your sanhok pubg app . Google also help to sanhok map hd download . Sanhok 2.0 is comming soon . Check updates for sanhok 2.0 : map pubg sanhok

Sanhok map downloaded picture for sanhok pubg players :

Sanhok Pubg map

4 ) Vikendi map hd ( snow map ) :

vikendi map pubg mobile is same as Volnova vikendi , USA . Vikendi map size 6 x 6 km and for download vikendi map size is around 130MB . Vikendi map vehicle spawn locations ; Krichas , Port , Zabava , etc .There are many secret place in vikendi and cave in vikendi ( vikendi secret cave location is between podvosto and pehkova ) . you can also search on google for more vikendi cave location , there are number of locations in vikendi map pubg mobile hd . vikendi map hd download and find vikendi cave location .vikendi map hd download for pc and enjoy vikendi map cave in your pc . many people use pubg lite vikendi and enjoy pubg vakendi map hd . pubg lite vikendi is best for low storage mobiles of pcs.

PUBG Vikendi map hd download for Vikendi map hd players :

Pubg Vikendi map hd

Arcade Match In PUBG :

Arcade match in pubg app or arcade match pubg lite app is very popular for pubg lite bodie missions and bodie pubg lite . Bodie 4VS4 match is a real thrill of gritty death . In bodie 4VS4 match which player kill more enemy is mvp of bodie pubg lite . Pubg lite bodie missions are very easy and enjoyable , you need to kill 40 players first for win pubg lite bodie missions . People also search how to play 4 vs 4 match , how to win 4 vs 4 the match – game rules and new contents 4 vs 4 match in arcade match pubg lite . Wearhouse is best for complete pubg lite bodie missions in bodie pubg lite app . Arcade match in pubg and arcade match pubg lite are a little different ; New contents 4vs4 match is available in only bodie pubg lite . pubg lite periverka challenge is a new event in periverka pubg lite for five days to receive rewards . You can win Chicken Medal 15EA by help of periverka pubg lite.

How to play 4 VS 4 match and complete pubg lite bodie missions video :



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