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Winzo fantasy cricket game is good for make money. People can win big prices by playing winzo fantasy league on mobile. For earn winzo fantasy app money, make powerful team and choose all best players. Winzo gold fantasy app is best for enjoy any game and earn big money by playing games. Winzo fantasy apk is made only for knowledgeful people who have deep knowledge of winzo cricket game because this winzo fantasy league connect with original cricket match. Winzo gold fantasy apk latest version comes with new features like make your team at last moment and you can also change winzo fantasy cricket game players after match started.

Winzo fantasy apk is best for all people because it’s available for 12 regions and in 10+ languages. People can also play latest games and earn real cash by winzo gold download. Many people also winzo gold app download for enjoy games with their friends. You can also enjoy winzo gold game in tournament mode for win more money. So, winzo gold apk download play winzo games and enjoy. People also play Winzo Pool Game for earn money.

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Winzo Fantasy Cricket Game Features :

Winzo fantasy league is a skill based game. If you have propler knowledge of cricket game then try winzo cricket game. Because for play winzo fantasy game online you need to spent some money. Winzo fantasy sports are connected with a real game. It’s one of the best source for make money by using your gaming skill. People can earn unlimited money by playing winzo fantasy sports game.

Winzo fantasy rules are very simple. You can select both team total 11 players. Winzo fantasy game points calculated based on your players performance of the real match. So, winzo fantasy prediction best players and collect more winzo fantasy apk points. Each players have a different points : For caption and vice caption, it’s 2x and 1.5x or for normal players the table of winzo fantasy sports point system is given below. Points also removed when your player misfielding in live match. So, choose best winzo fantasy game players for win big cash.

Winzo Fantasy Sports Point System :

For Batting :

Dismissal for Duck-2.0
Half Century+4.0

For Bowling :

Wicket (Excluding Run Out)+10.0
Caught and Bowled+14.0
Maiden Over+4.0
4 Wickets+4.0
5 Wickets+8.0

For Fielding :

Run Out – Direct+6.0
Run Out Thrower+4.0
Run Out Catcher+2.0

How To Play Winzo Fantasy Cricket :

First, winzo app download in your device and winzo fantasy download in winzo apk. This winzo gold app is best for earn money, so you need to winzo gold login for withdraw your earnings. After, winzo login click on winzo fantasy app and wait while winzo fantasy app download. Many people use winzo gold fantasy app for earn big prizes. Winzo update is best for play all new games and earn money.

Read winzo fantasy rules, when you play winzo fantasy game online first time. Winzo fantasy point table is important in winzo fantasy apk because your winzo cricket game earnings depends on your points. The table of winzo fantasy sports point system is given above. Follow winzo fantasy point table for win winzo fantasy download game. You can also play WinZO Carrom Board Game on winzo app.

In winzo fantasy app, you can choose total 11 players of both team. Your winning depends on their performance. One of the best tips for winzo fantasy earn money is play or make more than 2 teams and select different players. More tips for winzo fantasy is given below. So, winzo fantasy app download play fantasy cricket ane enjoy.

WinZO Fantasy Cricket Game Preview :

WinZO Fantasy Cricket Game Tips & Tricks :

  • Winzo app is famous for earn money and most of people winzo fantasy app download only for collect cash by playing games.
  • For earn big vinjo app cash, people also use winzo referral code.
  • Select players and make powerful team for earn big winzo gold fantasy app cash.
  • Points calculated on players performance, If your player misfielding, they cut your points.
  • So, select every player best and make more teams.
  • Many eople make only one team but for make more winzo gold pakistan money, make more teams.
  • Watch playing 11 and make team after that.
  • Youtube is also best for select players depends on winzo fantasy prediction videos.
  • So, download play winzo fantasy game online and earn big.

Why Winzo Fantasy Sports Best Than Other Fantasy Games :

Winzo Fantasy Sports :

  • You can make powerful team first than others on winzo fantasy login apk.
  • You can use winzo referral code for earn money.
  • Winzo gold fantasy apk latest version comes with more team option and make winzo earnings easy.
  • Players points are shown when you can make a team.
  • Withdraw your earnings easily and instantally.
  • Lots of people winzo fantasy download because it’s safe for withdraw earnings direct to bank account.

Fantasy Games Apk :

  • The features are less than winzo gold pakistan apk.
  • No reffer codes available for earn.
  • Take time for withdraw your earnings.
  • Many apps are not safe for withdraw your earnings in your account.
  • So, winzo fantasy login and play winzo sports game than others.
  • People also enjoy Winzo Fruit Samurai Game at this time.



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