Janmashtami 2021: Date, history, significance, and importance of Krishna Janmashtami


Here we discussed festivals related to the Janmashtami. And we all celebrate the Janmashtami this Sunday 30th August. There we also provide some Janmashtami Quotes Hindi, Janmashtami Quotes in Gujarati. Which are helping you on this day. Most of you know that why we celebrate the Janmashtami. Because after celebrating Lord Krishna and is celebrated on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada (July-August) in India.

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India is a diverse county so here we celebrate different festivals here we can’t show whatever the region. And one of these festivals is Janmashtami which we celebrate lord Krishna’s birthday. And is observed with much pomp and fervor. This Janmashtami is also known as Gokulashtami. It is marked on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada (July-August) in India. According to Hindu mythology, Krishna, the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born on this day to destroy Mathura’s demon king, Kansa, the brother of Krishna’s virtuous mother, Devaki.

On Janmashtami in the Mathura and Vrindavan, you see the full of lightning and all people are enjoying this festive. But due to this pandemic government announced that this celebration has in very limited. And devoted also perform the Rasleela to recreate incidents from Krishna’s life and to commemorate his love for Radha. On this day many of you find the Janmashtami Quotes in English, Krishna Janmashtami FB status in Hindi. So we all provide below it.

Best Janmashtami Wishes In English:

Here we provide the best Janmashtami wishes in English. So you can also find and sent it to social media. You can also share all the quotes with your family and friends. So read it very carefully and which is your favourite copy them and send or save it.

  • Stay blessed throughout this Janmashtami with all your desire to love our God of love.
  • O Krishna, just as you have bound Radha’s mind in the bond of your love, so we all want to be in the bond of your love also.
  • May the biography of Lord Krishna on the auspicious date of Maha Janmashtami teach us the rules of love, Happy Janmashtami wishes.
  • From now on, we must always walk in the path of divine love and justice, Happy Janmashtami wishes.
  • Happy Janmashtami wishes to you on the happy birthday of the one who pervades the universe and the eternal world.
  • Wish you a call for love to all living beings for the betterment of your present state of mind, Happy Janmashtami wishes.
  • May the unconditional blessings of the owner of creation fall in everyone’s life. Happy Janmashtami wishes to everyone.
  • My heart wants to tell you all the stories of love in the attraction of Krishna’s love, Happy Janmashtami wishes.

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So above all the sentences you can share with your friends as well as family. And you can also find that there is very attractive and soulful sentences. If you want to Krishna Janmashtami Quotes in Hindi then we can also provide below. You can also find below it.

Krishna Janmashtami Wishes In Hindi:

Here we provide the Janmashtami thoughts in Hindi. You can also considered as a janmashtami status in hindi. So you can also share with friends as well as family.

  • कन्‍हैया की महिमा, कन्‍हैया का प्‍यार, कन्‍हैया में श्रद्धा, कन्‍हैया से संसार, मुबारक हो आपको जन्‍माष्‍टमी का त्‍योहार!!! रेम से कृष्णा का नाम जपो दिल की हर इच्छा पूरी होगी कृष्णा आराधना में इतना लीन हो जाओ उनकी महिमा, जीवन खुशहाल कर देगी.
  • जन्‍माष्‍टमी के इस अवसर पर, हम ये कामना करते हैं, कि श्री कृष्‍ण की कृपा आप पर और आपके पूरे परिवार पर हमेशा बनी रहे। शुभ जन्माष्टमी !! श्री…आपको कृष्‍णजन्‍माष्‍टमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं!!
  • कृष्‍ण भक्ति की छाँव में दुखों को भुलाओ सब मिलकर प्रेम-भक्ति से हरि गुण गाओ आपको कृष्‍णजन्‍माष्‍टमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।कृष्‍णजन्‍माष्‍टमी की आपको हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं!
  • मिशरी से मीठे नंद लाल के बोल इनकी बातें हैं सबसे अनमोल जन्‍माष्‍टमी के इस पावन अवसर पर दिल खोल के जय श्री कृष्‍णा बोल ।। कृष्‍णजन्‍माष्‍टमी की आपको हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।
  • मिशरी से मीठे नंद लाल के बोल इनकी बातें हैं सबसे अनमोल जन्‍माष्‍टमी के इस पावन अवसर पर दिल खोल के जय श्री कृष्‍णा बोल ।। कृष्‍णजन्‍माष्‍टमी की आपको हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।
  • सब मिल के जन्माष्टमी मनाये!!माखन चोर नन्द किशोर,बांधी जिसने प्रीत की डोर. हरे कृष्ण हरे मुरारी,पूजती जिन्हें दुनिया सारी, आओ उनके गुण गाएं सब मिल के जन्माष्टमी मनाये!! !!कृष्णा जन्माष्टमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये!!
  • देखे मुरली वाला आला है!!बाल रूप है सब को भाता, माखन चोर वो है कहलाता, आला-आला गोविंदा आला, बाल ग्‍वालों ने शोर मचाया है, झूम उठे है सब खुशी में, देखे मुरली वाला आला है जन्‍माष्‍टमी की आपको बहुत बहुत बधाई!!

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That’s all about the janmashtami status in hindi. We also provide happy Janmashtami wishes in Gujarati. You can also considered as a Janmashtami Shayari. But we can’t provide Janmashtami Shayari. We also provide gujarati qutoes but you can find in another article of our. So read all the Krishna Janmashtami Shayari in Hindi. Now if you want the photos and all another related to the Janmashtami related then we provide in another post. So till that read all the above information very carefully.


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