What is Price of Thoptv in 2021?

Thoptv apk  install it most intersting thing is it is totally free to use. Just you need to make sure that you have latest version of thoptv apk

Can we Use External Player to Play live Tv and Videos?

No, You cannot use external player to play videos and tv as it has inbuilt video player which is recommended.

Do We Required To Signup To Use Thoptv App in 2021?

Straight no, you dont need to signup or do any kind of registration to watch thoptv. Just install and enjoy

Is there any world Chat Feature in Thoptv

Yes you can chat with other live user and if you face any query you can also ask questions.

 Sports is not playing in Thoptv Apk 2021?

Is you are watching sports  and it is not playing just showing black screen means you need to update apk. So just get Thoptv apk info from our site and enjoy. Or If there is some down time instantly contact them via Telegram or go for premium in very low price.

Can we Watch Thoptv In Web Browser

As thoptv is limited to app/apk so you cannot watch thoptv in any kind of browser.

Is there is any premium plan of thoptv

Yes there is premium plan of thoptv in just rs 30/months you can get in from telegram directly premium logins.

Is Thoptv 45 is the latest version

Yes thoptv v44.1 and 44.2  is the latest version of and if any update will come our telegram subscriber will be informed and link will be updated in our blog.

Now version 45 also released check that too.

Now Version 46 is the latest

Thoptv version 41, 42 , 43 , 47, 48 ,49 and so on is latest. You will get popup to update

How to watch IPL in thoptv

after you installed thoptv in your smartphone you will see Ipl in hindi and english you can see and watch.


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